Failure as a reflective moment

Failing in the GH residence adviser is a negative feedback.  Probably it means that I am not fit for this position, in terms of skill set and personality, so instead of trying hard to fit myself into what I may not excel, I should look elsewhere and keep my energy focused on things that I am really interested and good at. It also makes me think about why I do what I do. I ask myself this question about the When Pigs Fly workshop.

It turns out that I like people different from me, and enjoy exchanging ideas and engaging in vigorous and yet civilized debate. So I love what I do in WPF. Besides, there is a need in a community like graduate house for people with diverse cultural and professional backgrounds to connect and exchange, in a meaningful way and in depth. So besides being my passion, it also feeds the needs of such a community and would be a contribution to the local community, which is the essence of WPF.

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