To Law or Not to Law: Financial Concern

First, be realistic.

If I work in industry and do R&D…

Canadian immigration website, location: Toronto. Job category: Science and Research

  • Engineer I, bachelor degree and 0-3 years of experience in the field: 61k to 72k.
  • Engineer II, bachelor degree and 2-5 years of experience in the field: 79k to 96k.
  • Engineer IV, a bachelor’s degree in engineering and may be expected to have an advanced degree in a related area with 7-10 years of technical experience: 105k to 146k.
  • R&D manager, a graduate degree with at least 7 years of experience in the field: 95k to 125k.
  • Top R&D executive, a bachelor’s degree with at least 15 years of experience in the field: 169k to 237k.

US version:

  • Bureau of Labor Statistics: Chemists and Materials Scientists, research and development service:  76k
  • Scientist/Chemist: 50k to 94k.
  • Scientist/Materials: 63k to 115k

If I work in academia…

Now If I do a law degree, (not considering the tuition debt)…

Canadian immigration website:

  • Attorney II: 80k to 116k
  • Attorney II: 111k to 131k.


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