Current Reading: The Audacity of Hope

I probably bought this book two years ago, together with Obama’s first book Dreams from My Father. And then they stayed under my bed until last Christmas when I rediscovered them. I decided to get into the habit of bedtime reading, so this book becomes the first one. Currently on chapter 5.

Thought #1: eloquent. I guess I should have expected this before opening the first page, particularly because I was moved by his speech so many times during his 2008 presidential campaign. He is gifted with language.

Thought #2: a good introduction to American politics. I started to pay attention to US politics in the news after I moved to Toronto. At first, I am not even clear about the difference between liberal and conservative. Gradually, I picked up bits and pieces of information from friends, news, wikipedia, and Jon Stewart’s The Daily Show. Obama approaches the current (five years ago actually) politic discussion by combining his own personal experience as a new US senator with a historical perspective of the founding of US.

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  1. haha, man, I like the way you organize your paragraph. The logic flows smoothly.
    You talk more like a native speaker now.

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