Vintage Man United

Being a Man United fan for the past three years hasn’t been easy. So many things have been missing. Champions league games, premier league titles, last-minute goals, and last-minute goals. Now with six league wins in a row, Mourinho’s team starts to show some resemblance of the old Man United team in the late 1990s, even though they are currently still 10 points behind the leader Chelsea.

What’s more encouraging is the manner in which they achieve the wins. One goal down, six minutes to go, and then two goals in two minutes to come back and win against Middlesbrough on new year’s eve was perhaps the latest example of a true resurgence.

Now it is about managing expectations. It is unlikely that they will win the league title this year, but a champions league spot should be within reach, well within reach.

Then again, stranger things have happened (a.k.a, Leicester city). So who knows.

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