Critical Self-assessment — Physical

Rains in fall are mainly caused by the cold air moving from north to south to replace the warm air. And this replacement will not only result in rains, but also a change in the humidity, atmospheric pressure and of course temperature. All of these  change in the environment will affect body functions. Since the body needs to adjust to the change, it will use a part of its energy for this adjustment and will not perform as efficient as it usually does. And naturally, the efficiency of one’s daily activities will go down, in work and other ordinary routines. My observation tells me that this low activity period due to weather change happens to everyone. And for me, it also causes stress because I like to keep a high level of activities. Being self-aware about this chain of effects help me cope with similar situations. But every now and then, when I just got lost in the middle of all the things I was doing, it’s hard to remind myself to slow down and not to stretch to the breaking point.

I just watched the movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Just as different music gives different mood,  different movies have different moods as well. This movie gives me a new perspective. There are different ways of living a life: running is one; walking is also one. When you run, you enjoy the speed. When you walk, you enjoy the scenery. Slowing down the daily activities doesn’t mean accomplish less, but rather it is just a different way of living, if the eyes and the mind are kept open.

TKD black stripe. Black belt test next July.

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