To Law or Not to Law: Personality

  1. Accountants: 64% ST; 23% SF; 4% NF; 9% NT;
  2. Bank employees: 47% ST; 24% SF; 11% NF; 18% NT;
  3. Sales, customer relations: 11% ST; 81% SF; 8% NF; 0% NT;
  4. Creative writers: 12% ST; 0% SF; 65% NF; 23% NT;
  5. Research Scientists: 0% ST; 0% SF; 23% NF; 77% NT;
  6. Law students: 31% ST; 10% SF; 17% NF; 42% NT;

–Gifts Differing.

I am a NTJ with a median value of E and I. This confirms some of my personal convictions: for example, I dislike sales or customer relations or accounting. More importantly, this finding simplified my career search by eliminating a large number of negative options. As a result, I concentrate on two categories mostly: scientists and lawyers.

PS. This post should be the first one in this series of posts in terms of logical sequence. And in fact it is the first thing I investigated, see my previous posts on MBTI theory and applications about two years ago. To re-post it here is to put all relevant information together in order to gain a wholistic viewpoint before reaching a conclusion.

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