The end of the beginning

27 slides, including the title and the acknowledgement slides, 2o minutes of presentation, one hour and half of Q&A, and then done. On 19 April 2011, 1 pm, I finished my defense. Although I knew it was just a formality, I still felt awesome when being called “Dr. Wang”. In the rest of the week, I have more or less kept my routines, basically TKD and lab , as I keep telling myself not to be too sentimental about it. As the long weekend started, I found myself in need of a break, a change of routine, and gave myself some time for self-reflection. Getting a PhD marks the end of the beginning of my career in science. But not just that. It is also the end of my student life. Things that have been put off in excuse of being a student can no longer be put off. Moments of choices will soon come; obligations will follow. Which reminds me of what Jose Mourinho the coach of Real Madrid said after winning Copa del Ray final against Barcelona: today we celebrate; tomorrow is another day.

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