The tranquilizing effect of failure

After the first interview, my application for graduate house residence advisor, international student, came to an end. And somehow, I feel my mind is cooled, and whenever that happens, I know it is the best time to write something because there won’t be any trace of ego exerting, conscious or unconscious. The inner self is humbled.

I was watching the Champion Leagure Final this afternoon, and to my disappointment, Man. United lost the match. They lost it because of their arrogance, which reminds me the quote of Bob Noyce “Success breeds complacency. Complacency breeds failure. Only the paranoid survives.”

I wouldn’t go as far as seeking failures from time to time in order to gain a moment of tranquility, but it seems to me that failing something every now and then is a necessary component to balance the mind, which often stays too excited with its own product.

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