MRS Spring Meeting

Last week, I blogged for MRS spring meeting. This is the first paid job I had outside research and TA. It was absolutely fun. During the meeting, I often got back in my room at around 9-10pm, and slept for 4 hours, woke up, wrote a post or two, and then slept again for 4 hours, and woke up, and went to presentations. It was exhausting but enjoyable. I guess it is so enjoyable because I am quite certain that there were people reading what I wrote, although there were still very few comments. It reminds me of a scene in Julie and Julia where Julie the author were excited that she got so many comments on her posts.

Another reason why I found it so enjoyable is that I got to utter some opinions of my own. Journalism is never about facts only, once I wrote it, I know that whatever I report would have my opinions in it. I felt extremely good that my prediction on the first prize winner of the Science as Arts competition is correct. And also, I were able to write something that really excites me, such as graphene and metamaterials. They are hot topics right now: one could be the next generation electronic materials; the other could make invisibility cloak possible. It sounds like a fashion in science, but there are more substance to them than those stylistic trends trend in show businesses.

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