Thoughts While I was doing TKD continued

Master Kim was teaching junior competitors how to count the number of “airs” (the time both feet are off the ground) in several kicks, such as two airs in switch counter double, one air in slide-back counter double, and three airs in triple. Most kids got it after a few practices. The master then went on to tell the reason why everyone needs to know the counting. He said, below 16, kids fighting without using brain, or with little brain, can win; above 16, all have to fight with brain. With the same level of technique, the one uses more brain wins; with the same technique and brain, the one with bigger heart wins (which I guess means the one who is braver wins.)

His remarks reminded me of a scene in the movie Matrix when Morpheus told Neo that “your weakness is not your technique” but the mindset that confined Neo’s movement. It also¬†reminded me about what the provost of Stanford said when he was introducing Steve Jobs in his inspiring 2005 Stanford commencement address. He said that “Technical knowledge is only the starting point of innovation” and that imagination is more important than knowledge. Just discovered another parallel between martial arts and technology.

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